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Pilot Don Swett has been a true flying aficionado who over the year has dedicated his life towards helping men and women around the Los Angles area spread their wings. Don is an experienced flight instructor with over fifteen years of experience and thousands flying hours credited to his name. He has taught individuals from all over the world how to handle the controls of an aircraft under pressure and difficult circumstances. With his skills and experience, he has spread his knowledge with practical as well as theoretical information to those individuals who want to take their hobby or career of flying to the next level.

Over the past 15 years, Don has dedicated his life to teaching pilots of the future how to handle various types of aircraft. He has learned, studied and mastered the art of different styles of aviation and is now ready to impart that very same knowledge to his students in the world of aviation. When it comes to flying, there is only one motto that Don believes in and that is to go beyond the textbooks and manuals. This is why he gives each and every student of his a hands-on flight training experience. Don runs his flights out of Long Beach Airport where his arsenal of planes includes single as well as twin engine aircraft.

Aerial View from the Cockpit over Long Beach

If you are a flight enthusiast that would like to soar the skies, Pilot Don Swett will be more than obliged to take you under his wings. As a new student in Long Beach, you will gain the experience of learning each type of airspace class as well as how to maneuver planes through any terrain, be it over deserts, oceans or mountains. While there are plenty of other places where you can learn to fly, the fact of the matter is if you can fly over the LA basin, you will be able to fly over any where in the world.

Pilot Don Swett is a 3rd generation pilot who has flying in his genes. Today, he has taken his talent to the next level where he shares his insight and expertise with others. Two of his prized students have today earned the ranks of flying for the U.S. Air Force where they gained exclusive rights to flying F16 jets.

If you are planning to make a career out of your passion or simply take your hobby to the next level, let Don be your flight instructor and you will surely enjoy the ride.

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