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Flight Training in the Los Angeles Area

If you are a person that is enthusiastic about flying but has never had a chance to fly the skies, this is your chance. Head on over to Long Beach, CA and get ready to be a part of an experience unlike any flight school. DMS Aviation Services is a private flight training service that over the years has managed to transform hobbies into professions and passions into careers. Headed by Pilot Don Swett, DMS Aviation Services in serves the entire Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

The Los Angeles terrain is some of the toughest flight training terrain in the world. It manages to teach pilots every trick to flying. With mountains, oceans and deserts, pilots learn to maneuver their flight over any surface and sharpen their skills. This makes them stronger; more mentally focused and increases their ability to pilot the skies. The fact of the matter is that if a pilot can learn to fly here, they can fly anywhere in the world.

Los Angeles flight training has never been easier with DMS Aviation Services. Unlike other Los Angeles flight schools, we do not require an initial deposit. Simply show up and start flying right away. There is also no pre-paid tuition commitment. Many flight schools will try to lock you into a longer term commitment. Here at DMS Aviation Services, we understand that things can change, which is why it's strictly our policy not to lock our students into any tuition commitments. We also make it easy for you to fly around your own schedule. Nights, weekends, whatever works for you!

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